Year: 2020

Setting Up Your Aquarium

Often, the first failures of breeding, or keeping tropical fish, is in the very beginning. This is a very rough time as you begin to develop a feel for the hobby, and it is very easy to quit despite the money put into the project.


The first and most important thing to your hobby surviving, is the set up of your tank. Before you set up your aquarium, make sure you have all the important things already purchased as well (such as heater, aerator). You may also want to have all the decorations purchased as well, instead of only having a few plants to provide shelter, and rocks to line the bottom.

First wash the aquarium with a solution of aquarium salt, make sure to rinse it well, then place upon your chosen piece of furniture. Make sure that your chosen place will not be affected if there is a water leak in the aquarium.

To be sure that there aren’t any leaks before you set up aquarium fixtures, leave tank full to about two inches from the top for twenty-four hours. After twenty-four hours, check for leaks. If you discover leaks, they can be fixed by applying aquarium cement. This can be found at a super center, or a pet dealership.

After cleaning, and checking your tank for leaks, it is time to clean your gravel. Be sure to choose a coarse gravel as opposed to a finer gravel, or sand. In a breeding tank you can also use marbles, “Dragon’s Tears” (flat colored glass), or smooth river rocks purchased at a store. Never use rocks that you pick from a lake or a pond unless you soak them in a strong solution of aquarium salt for 24-48 hours. Otherwise you could introduce harmful bacteria or other nastiness.

When choosing gravel figure about two pounds per gallon of water, if you plan on using marbles, purchase enough that the entire tank (except for back) will be covered. Before you add gravel or marbles to your set-up, wash them thoroughly by placing a package in a bucket and run water over the gravel until all dirt has been washed free. Do not use soaps or detergents.

Because this is the first time setting up this aquarium, do not worry about treating the tap water with a chlorine neutralizer. You must leave the tank running for 42-78 hours before adding any fish. By that time the aerator will have neutralized the chlorine and chloramine. It is wise to have these neutralizing chemicals in case you need to do a drastic water change in the future, however, if only changing one or two gallons of water in a weekly water change, it isn’t needed either.

Designer Dog Clothes

Designer dog clothes are all about simple elegance combined with playfulness. Whether you’re stocking tiny dog apparel or large dog apparel, there are many high-quality options for you to choose from. Designer wear is the ultimate expression of your desire to pamper your customer’s pets.

Designer clothes offer more chances to express individuality. Mass-produced clothing rarely has the same panache and attention to detail as designer goods, and although the price can be higher, it’s always a worthy investment. Trust your customers to know this and be sure to offer them what they deserve: the best.


Designer Dog Clothes Are for Everyone

You may have customers who don’t believe in paying designer prices or that designer goods are any different than other items of dog clothing. As a retailer, you’ll want to point out the unparalleled quality of designer goods, as well as the finer fabrics and techniques used in constructing these unique garments. Some of your customers have probably never splurged on designer wear, and may simply not know how much better these garments can be.

Designer dog clothes really are for everyone, no matter what some people may think. Often the word “designer” calls to mind images of exorbitantly priced items that are no different than their cheaper counterparts. This isn’t the case–designer items are truly crafted with your individual pet in mind and come in a range of prices that can suit any budget.

Puppy Paper Training

Puppy paper training is a great way to housebreak your puppy both when you are home and when you are not. If you ultimately want your puppy to eliminate outside, it is not a good idea to paper train first or to only paper train. However, there are some areas where winters are too cold and summers are too hot to take your puppy on an effective walk. You want your puppy to be potty trained, not freeze or boil to death.

The first thing you need to do when puppy paper training is to pick a spot that will be the toilet area. Pick somewhere like the garage or laundry room so that the floor is easier to clean. Then, (here comes the paper part) line the entire floor with several layers of papers. You don’t want to stain your floor over time, so put a good layer in there. Use whatever paper you choose. Newspaper is generally the best.

Puppy Paper Training in Your Home

Put your dog on a leash and take her to the toilet area about every 30-45 minutes. If she does begin to eliminate, praise her enthusiastically. If she does not, you may want to lock her in for about 15 minutes until she does so. If she starts to eliminate somewhere other than the toilet area, say “papers” in a low strong voice and pick her up and bring her there. Soon, you will just have to say the word and she will know to go there.

Eventually, your puppy will start to show preference for eliminate in a certain spot. When this happens, you can continue your puppy paper training by decreasing the size of your paper area. Take a little away each day. If your puppy eliminates off the paper, you know that you have decreased too quickly. Once you get to a small area, you can begin to move that paper inch-by-inch so that, over time, you can put the papers anywhere you choose and your dog will find them.

Supplies To Have Before Bringing A New Puppy Home

There are several supplies to have before bringing a new puppy home. You want to be prepared when your new addition to the family walks inside. First, you will need toys for your puppy to chew on. Puppies have a natural chewing instinct. It is not malicious, and is usually done out of boredom or to show that she is having fun while playing. In order to discourage chewing on your things, have lots of toys and bones available.

You will also, obviously, need a water bowl and a food bowl. This is not just any bowl. Some dog, such as Bassett Hounds, need special bowls so that their ears do not fall in. To go along with these bowls, you will need food. Read some books or ask your vet what is the best kind of food for the puppy you are bringing home. These are very basic supplies to have before bringing a new puppy home.

You may also want to have a crate. Not everyone finds this necessary. A crate can be used for fast and effective housebreaking. It can also become a sort of a den for your puppy. Do not purchase this with the intention of locking up your dog. If you do this, you will have counterproductive results when training. Whether in a crate or not, you will need some sort of bedding for your puppy. She will grow to know this as her bed, which is very useful in training.

Basic Supplies to Have Before Bringing a New Puppy Home

If you have decided that you don’t want your puppy going upstairs, or if you want to keep her in a room at night, you may want to invest in a gate. This is much better than closing a door because your dog can still see you and the rest of the house. Other supplies to have before bringing a new puppy home are lots of newspaper, and a collar and a leash.

Dog Grooming Videos

For those who are excited about learning grooming techniques, but don’t know where to get started, dog grooming videos may be the perfect answer. If you want to get started right away on a grooming career, this is the fast, fun way. Dog grooming videos allow the learner a rare opportunity to take control of their own education.


Dog Grooming Videos: Stress Free School

Dog grooming videos offer the ultimate in control. Instead of watching someone else showing you to groom a dog, constantly afraid to look away or worrying that you might miss something, dog grooming videos end that stress. You can pause, rewind, fast forward, and stop to take a break whenever you like. There’s no pressure.

This is a good option for both control freaks and nervous nellies alike. You can master the techniques at your own leisure and review whenever you need. For visual and auditory learners (of which most Americans are) videos can really speed up the learning process.

When you choose dog grooming videos, make sure to check for a few things first. Make sure to buy only from a company that looks reputable and trustworthy. Second, try to see a portion of the video to check if the lighting quality and filming angles are good–these are necessary in order to learn the techniques you are trying to master. Finally, if you can get DVDs, they are a great option, since you can skip around and learn in the order that you feel comfortable with.

How to Exercise Your Pet Hamster Safely: A Creative Way to Keep Hamsters Healthy and Happy

Hamsters can squeeze into a very small space, as any owner who has lost a hamster can testify. They are like most small rodents in that if they can get their head through a gap, then they can flatten their rib cage and their body then follows suit.

Allow Your Hamster Some Exercise

Hamsters can be allowed to run on the floor with some precautions – keeping an area blocked off and making sure that there are no gaps that they can escape through. It is also essential to keep a watchful eye on them.

For very low cost, however, it is possible to build a hamster play box to allow your pet to exercise freely and safely.

Toys for Your Pet Hamster can be Cheaply Found

You will need a large cardboard box, which is tall enough that the hamster cannot reach the sides and scramble out. It needs to be secure with no gaps or holes that the hamster can squeeze through.

Once you have your box, then you can add some toys. If budget allows, you might like to add a side wheel for your hamster to run on, or you can add some natural hamster hide-away toys. You can also build your own.


Ideas for Hamster Toys

Take a small child’s shoe box and cut holes in the side. You might like to cut the holes big enough to fit cardboard tubes in to make a tunnel entrance and exit. Place cardboard tubes around the box to allow the hamsters to run in and out. Use different sizes of boxes to add interest and variety. Hide small treats for your hamster to sniff out and find.

Keep an eye out for ideas that you can adapt to add to your hamster play box. Do not use any harmful materials such as newspaper as the print can be poisonous, although printed cardboard is fine. Use natural materials such as wood, hay, paper and card and choose healthy treats for your hamster. Remember to remove any fresh treats at the end of each day, so that they do not go off.

Hamsters are curious little creatures and enjoy having somewhere new to explore. You can change the layout of the play box every few weeks so that he can always enjoy having somewhere new to explore. It will keep your pet interested and alert and it is especially good fun to watch a pair of dwarf hamsters explore their play box together

Pet Grooming


Pet grooming is not just a job, it can be a whole lifestyle if you so choose. There is a large community of resources and events that cater to animals and pet owners, providing you with not just a client base, but also a place to socialize and make connections. No matter where you live, there are likely to be pet-friendly events to attend.

If you are not sure where to look to find this information out, make sure to check these sources out. Your local SPCA or animal shelter will be a number one source for animal-friendly events and fundraisers. Also, making connections with local veterinarian offices can be a boon to your contacts and your pet grooming business.


Pet Grooming Competitions

Pet grooming competitions can be a great way to introduce you to the community and get involved. Networking is fairly common at these events, so don’t be afraid to get out there and mix it up. You can meet fellow groomers and get great tips and advice, as well as showing off your work to prospective clients. If you intend to be at an event where you will be looking for new clients, don’t forget to bring business cards with your name and number on them.

If there are no grooming competitions or dog shows in your area, you may want to start one. Talk to other groomers and see if they would be interested in working on developing or participating in such an event. Look for sponsors, such as local pet stores to help offer prizes or donations. They will probably be willing to help out in return for the ability to advertise at the event.

Trained German Shepherds

Trained German shepherds can be a wonderful addition to your family. These are loving and loyal dogs, dedicated to your protection. I have found my trained German shepherds also have quite a jovial personality!

I should clarify: my German shepherds have a jovial personality, as long as you’re not an intruder! I have found it much easier to purchase trained German shepherds than to train them myself. Once I learned this lesson, I stopped wasting my time attempting to do the job professionals should.

The Cost of Feeding Trained German Shepherds

Maybe you’re under the impression that big dogs eat tons of food. Well, actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Trained German shepherds eat just as much as any other similar sized dog–which means big savings for you.

Don’t spend all of your free time cooking steaks for your German shepherds. This is a Hollywood-myth that should definitely be avoided. You should feed your trained German shepherds a quality diet consisting of dog food high in protein and vitamins

Housetraining Older Dogs

Housetraining older dogs is a more delicate process than with younger ones, but it can be done more quickly. You may have adopted a dog from the pound that is used to eliminating wherever she pleases because she was allowed to do so in her cage. With puppies, you can immediately pick them up when they begin to piddle and bring them outside. Older dogs may have more defensive reactions with this approach, so use a leash instead.

Housetraining older dogs is all about getting familiar with their personalities. Since they are older, they have had experiences elsewhere that may conflict with what you are trying to achieve. Do not get discouraged, however. It is not, as they say, impossible to teach old dogs new tricks. You just have to be persistent and patient.

Housetraining Older Dogs with Mild Problems

Your problem with your dog may be simpler than you think. Sometimes, dogs that are seemingly potty trained, will suddenly have accidents when new elements are introduced into the home. This could be anything from moving, getting another pet or having a baby. You need to show the dog a lot of love. Take potty training steps as you normally would, and give extra praise for your dog doing the right thing.

When housetraining older dogs, you want to make sure that they are on a strict schedule. Feed them at the same time every day. Walk them at the same time every day. Since older dogs have better bladder control than puppies, you will not have to walk them as much. However, make sure you walk your dog at critical times. This includes first thing in the morning, after eating and last thing in the evening.

Schutzhund Trainers

Maybe you’ve been impressed by all you have heard about the Schutzhund method. You know that you could train the dog yourself through Schutzhund classes, but perhaps you simply can’t find time. This is where the role of Schutzhund trainers comes in.

My dear friend Rosa recently took her German shepherd to a group of Schutzhund trainers. With their consultation and knowledge, they let her know that her dog was perfect for Schutzhund training. In a matter of time, these Schutzhund trainers had transformed her German shepherd into a well behaved, adept dog.

Where to Find the Best Schutzhund Trainers

You need not loook any further than the Internet to find good Schutzhund trainers. In fact, you can find the best Schutzhund trainers online, if you know exactly where to start looking. That’s why I always go with a recommended Schutzhund trainer.

You’ll also want to verify the certifications of the Schutzhund trainer you choose. Make sure they are using the traditional Schutzhund method, and not an inferior version. Also make sure their grounds are suited to Schutzhund training, and that they treat their canines well.