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Creating a Gift Basket for Your Dog

Designing the ideal gift basket for your canine friend can be a bit of a challenge, but with a little planning and some great ideas, anyone can do it. You may even find yourself enjoying it so much that you decide to sell your doggy gift baskets!

The first step is to find the right container. A basket isn’t ideal, really, since your dog might chew it and get splinters. Instead, consider using a new metal food bowl with his name engraved on it. Plastic bowls work just as well and many can be personalized as well.

Next you need gifts to put inside the bowl. As a general rule, you should include at least two edible items. A rawhide toy is ideal, but try to find one that your dog has never seen before, something besides the usual bone. There are special rawhide dog ball toys that dogs love, look for something unique.

A bag of doggie treats or even homemade dog biscuits is perfect. You might also try your dog’s favorite brand of canned dog food or another treat that you know he enjoys. The idea is to give him something that he will be happy to receive.

The best gift baskets include some fun toys. These don’t have to be expensive, a trio of tennis balls can be pretty exciting to a puppy! You could also try jingle balls, soft rope toys, and other items that you find in the local pet store. Just be sure that whatever you include is safe for your canine friend. Remove all packaging and tags before you put the toy into the basket so your dog can play with it right away and not have to wait.

Practical items also have a place in your dog’s gift basket. A new collar with a personalized tag, a fancy leash, or an elegant new coat can all make wonderful gifts. You can buy a wide selection of items online or in your local pet shop. These are plenty of options available and hundreds of great pet products out there.

Last, you need to wrap your basket. This can be done with clear cellophane drawn up around the container and tied with a thick cord or even the dog’s new leash. Add a name tag and you are all set for gift-giving fun!

If you enjoy making this gift basket for your pet, why stop with one? Try making them for pets of friends and families. You could even open your own business providing customized pet gift baskets.

Save Money on Dog Products

Did you know that Americans spend billions a dollars a year alone on dog products? Obsessing over the care of our canine friends is a pastime that just isn’t going away. So, if you’re one of these people, learn how to save money on all that you do for your dog.

1. Check for sales. Save money on dog products by watching for sales at places like Petco and PetSmart. These mega-giants allow you to sign up for automatic alerts on their Websites. Take advantage of them and shop for special items at a discount. Also, don’t to be too proud to purchase items from discount stores like the Dollar Tree. All you’re paying for in regards to some dog products is just a brand name anyway.

2. Shop in bulk. Go big and save a few cents. If you can get the same item at in a larger size for less, do it. Then, store the product properly. Use potato chip clips to seal off bags and prevent food from going stale. Refrigerate wet food in containers to preserve freshness. This way, you can extend the life of your bulk product and make your money stretch over time.

3. Manage toys. Don’t ruin your dog’s personality by giving him too much stuff. Manage the amount of toys you buy him and save money. Buy him a special toy on Christmas and a few times throughout the year (under ten). Remember, your dog wants you, not a box full of junk.

4. Take over grooming. If you spending hundreds of dollars at a groomer, save money on dog products by taking over this chore yourself. You can purchase a pre-packed grooming kit for under $50. When you use the services of a groomer, you’re paying for overhead, over-priced dog products and elbow grease. By taking over your dog’s grooming yourself, you can control all of things including what comes out of your pocket book.

5. Let your dog go au naturale. Forget about celebrity trends involving canines. You don’t need to dress your dog up like Paris Hilton does hers with pricey collars and clothes. Save money on dog products by letting him go au naurale. Get him the basic quality dog leashes & collars with a tag and keep him clean and well feed. These basics are all your dog really needs anyway.

These five tips will have you save money on dog products. Use them and keep your hard earned money where it belongs – in the bank.

Dog Treats

Dog treats please both dogs and owners, and are an element in bonding. But they also serve other purposes, as training aids, breath freshening and dental hygiene. While many people give dogs table scraps, it is generally considered better for their digestion and their health in general to give them products made for that purpose.


Chewy Dog Treats

All dogs, and especially puppies, need to chew. Treats made from rawhide, the inner layer of cowhide, provide your dog with something to chew on besides your favorite slippers. Pig’s ears, another chewy treat, have fallen into disfavor lately. Some vets feel that the high fat content can cause obesity and even pancreatic problems. There is also a danger of salmonella in any meat-based treat.

Crunchy dog treats such as biscuits and cookies, are excellent for use in training. Many of them contain chlorophyll to help fight bad breath. For truly pampered pups, there are any number of sites online which give recipes to make homemade goodies such as liver snaps. There are also an increasing number of bakeries dedicated to making only dog treats.

Owners often have the same dietary beliefs for their dogs that they follow themselves. That’s why there are organic dog treats, vegan treats, and even kosher treats! Whatever treats you give your dog, don’t allow them to take the place of regular healthy meals.

Dog Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost



Dogs are very patient, and it’s a good thing, too, because their owners just can’t seem to resist dressing them up in dog costumes. At Christmas they wear antlers or candy canes on their heads, or full Santa or elf outfits. At weddings they wear tuxedos or bridesmaids gowns. And at Halloween, anything goes.


Licensed Character Dog Costumes

Does your shar-pei have a secret identity? Superman, Batman and Spiderman are popular choices for dog costumes. Disney also offers several licensed character costumes, such as Woody and Buzz Armstrong from Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Snow White and Eeyore. Power Ranger outfits are available too, as are the Power Puff Girls.

All the standbys that people wear on Halloween are available as dog costumes as well. Does your hound dog want to be Elvis? It can happen. Canine angels and devils, clowns and convicts, witches and vampires, firemen and football players can all be easily found on the Net. (Some of these costumes are also available in cat sizes, but unless your cat is a whole lot more forbearing than mine is, I wouldn’t recommend it!)

Of course you can make your own costumes for your pet with just a little imagination. I went to one Halloween party where the host’s German Shepherd wore a big yarn mane and his Dalmatian wore a striped t-shirt and a baseball cap. They were Lassie and Timmy, and they stole the show. If your pooch is a party animal, let him join the fun.

Dog Friendly Vacations

The dog friendly vacations in Branson are worth howling for! The welcoming atmosphere and the top-notch lodgings that are available to owners of four-legged friends can’t be beat! The Branson hotels and motels will go out of their way to make sure you and your loved ones have everything you need for a rollicking good time!

You will be amazed at what this area has to offer in the way of vacation delights. Great outdoor activities, like fishing and hiking, in an area unparalleled for beauty. Terrific shopping and a historic downtown area (just perfect for walking your best friend). And a fabulous choice of dining options that will satisfy any craving!

Dog Friendly Vacations Are Easy to Find in Branson Missouri!

From lodging to sightseeing spots, you and your pooch will find plenty to do in this entertainment paradise. You’ll meet other, friendly dog owners and take in the scenery of this gorgeous corner of the Ozarks.

You and your dog will come away from one of these dog friendly vacations feeling revived and relaxed. The fresh air and lively atmosphere will make you want to return again and again.

Gourmet Dog Treats

Whether it’s for your pet or a friend’s pet, gourmet dog treats are a wonderful way to show your love while providing a tasty, nutritional change that dogs will love. If you’re creative and have some time, you can even make your own treats from recipes you can find on the Internet. You can also purchase over a hundred different types of gourmet dog sweets online.


Gourmet Dog Treats Choices

Whatever your dog likes, and whatever you want to give her for a treat, you will be able to find it online. Is your dog a vegetarian? Does your dog love beef? What about other tastes you might not even think of such as garlic or liver? Most dogs love cheese, and bacon is a favorite as well. All of these flavors and more can be a nice change from store biscuits.

Many of the people who make gourmet dog treats and sell them online are, quite simply, pet lovers who started out wanting to make a tasty, healthy treat for their own dogs. Most of them offer several flavors and use only quality ingredients. Some vendors even make the biscuits only after you order them, thus guaranteeing freshness.


Gourmet Treat Gift Baskets

Dogs really love the taste and smell of peanut butter, and these are a favorite in gourmet gift baskets. Vendors will ship your choices to your home or to a friend’s special pet. Choose from vegetable broth, brown rice, zucchini, apple, carrots, parsley, and egg yolks. Your surprisingly affordable gourmet treats will arrive in the mail before you know it. You and your friend will soon be hooked on something that’s good for your pet.

Dog Health Products

Dog health products are just as important as nutritious dog foods for a happy and healthy pet. Flea and tick sprays, chew toys, and anti-itch salves are some of the most popular dog health products you can get, but there are many others to suit your taste–or your dog’s. The next time you are out getting some healthy dog food, pick up something else that’s good for your pet–you’ll both be happy that you did.

Your dog’s health is affected by a number of things: exercise, environment, and diet are the most significant. While a holistic and organic diet might supply your pet with the highest quality food you can get, you can’t trust organic dog food to do everything. Dogs are susceptible to worms, parasites, and bad breath; these also need to be treated.

Spend a Few Bones on Dog Health Products

Dogs love to chew, especially puppies, and the best way to promote healthy teeth and gums (and protect your dress shoes!) is with healthy chew toys. Canine tooth brushes that fit over your fingers are another great way to clean your dog’s teeth while checking for unhealthy gums. Ear mites, mosquitoes, and ticks are other health concerns for dog owners; there are a number of organic dog health products to combat these pests.

Being a dog owner is like being a parent, maybe even harder: eventually your child speaks and can tell you what’s wrong, but your pet can’t. A dog’s health depends on your vigilance, so it’s important that you frequently check him for anything and everything. Include dog health products in your pet’s regimen, along with a good diet and plenty of exercise, and he’ll live a long and happy life.

Dog Collars

Dog collars are both a fashion accessory and an essential tag-and-leash holder. Hunting dogs need orange collars for visibility, and town dogs need reflective collars so cars can see them. Then there are those dogs who insist they need, really need, the latest in crystal or tapestry fashions.

Utilitarian dog collars come in flat or rolled leather or nylon, both extremely durable. They come in a variety of colors, especially the nylon ones, and can be studded or spiked for that macho guard-dog look. Nylon collars are often adjustable to grow with your puppy.


Fashion Dog Collars

Many dog owners choose their pet’s collar not just to hold a license and attach a leash, but as an expression of the pet’s–and the owner’s–personality. There are, of course, the usual rhinestone dog collars, some of which are extremely lavish. But there are many other styles to choose from, ranging from classy to cutesy.

There are some very handsome fine-grained reptile print leather collars that look extremely elegant. There are dignified (and aptly named) houndstooth prints, or bouncy multi-colored polka dots. One stunning collar was made of scarlet fine-grained leather cut into lace, over a sea-green base. Truly gorgeous. Collars with designs stenciled on may have hot-rod flames or dancing hearts. With all these to choose from, it’s hard to resist having a whole wardrobe of collars to fit the mood of the moment.

Dog Training

Welcome to Dog Training Resource! We have created Dog Training Resource to help guide you through the world of dog training. We hope that this information will help you learn about the different types of dog training that are available to you.

Through the vast resources of the Internet it is easier than ever to learn about dog training. With the right training program you can jump start your and your dog’s learning. Anyone who take the time to work with their pet will be rewarded.


Adventures in Dog Training

Dog training is a fun activity for both personal protection and getting to know your dog. A little investment in training your dog can go a long way. A well-trained dog is a happier and safer pet.

Have you ever wondered how to make your family more secure with installing a costly security system? Dog training can be your key to cost savings. With a trained dog in the house, your family can be secure and can have the enjoyment of a pet.


Purchasing Trained Dogs

Sometime you do not have the time to attend a dog training session. In this case you can purchase a dog that has already been through a rigorous training program. This way you can benefit from having a reliable guard dog with only a minimum of your time invested.

If you’re like me, you want to be sure you are making a sound investment. By using a online dog training resource, you can find reliable and trained dogs. Finding dog training resources online made my family safer, and increased my peace of mind.

At first, I was worried that a guard dog wouldn’t be a good family pet. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I have found that having a guard dog is like having an additional member of the family–one that protect us and keeps watch!


Types of Trained Dogs

We invite you to peruse the pages of Dog Training Resource. Find out which type of dog is right for you, and decide whether you want to train after purchase, or buy fully trained dogs. Consider the benefits of Schutzhund training, and be well on your way to a well-behaved and trained dog!

Designer Dog Clothes

Designer dog clothes are all about simple elegance combined with playfulness. Whether you’re stocking tiny dog apparel or large dog apparel, there are many high-quality options for you to choose from. Designer wear is the ultimate expression of your desire to pamper your customer’s pets.

Designer clothes offer more chances to express individuality. Mass-produced clothing rarely has the same panache and attention to detail as designer goods, and although the price can be higher, it’s always a worthy investment. Trust your customers to know this and be sure to offer them what they deserve: the best.


Designer Dog Clothes Are for Everyone

You may have customers who don’t believe in paying designer prices or that designer goods are any different than other items of dog clothing. As a retailer, you’ll want to point out the unparalleled quality of designer goods, as well as the finer fabrics and techniques used in constructing these unique garments. Some of your customers have probably never splurged on designer wear, and may simply not know how much better these garments can be.

Designer dog clothes really are for everyone, no matter what some people may think. Often the word “designer” calls to mind images of exorbitantly priced items that are no different than their cheaper counterparts. This isn’t the case–designer items are truly crafted with your individual pet in mind and come in a range of prices that can suit any budget.