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How To Select Cat Toys

In the next few paragraphs, we will explore new ideas and thoughts that may help you achieve your goal and decide what is best for you when choosing toys for your cats.

Toys for girl cats and boys:

When the mouse is away, cats play. And cats have the tendency to both play hard and play soft. Toys are to cats the same as toys are to dogs. It helps fight the boredom experienced by these pets as well as gives our feline friends the opportunity to practice and use their natural inclination to chase and hunt for prey. It also gives the cat owner that great chance to play with their pets, an experience that will aid in bonding their relationship.

But what toys are best for cats? The following are tips and helpful advice to get that perfect toy for the cat owners perfect pets.

Play safe:

The good thing about cats is that they can play ball inside the house and the owners will never know it. Still, there may be things inside the house that cats could find attractive yet might actually endanger their health and safety. Houses must be cat-friendly. As much as possible, take away any string, yarn, needles, rubber bands or other objects that could easily be swallowed by cats. These things could be lethal to cats. Do not let them play with these articles no matter how cute they may appear to be.

Play soft:

Choose soft toys that can easily be machine-washed. It is best that the toys chosen to be played with by cats are also the toys marked as safe to be played with by children below three years old. Toys such as these usually contain fillings that are not hazardous. Also, avoid giving cats toys that are hard and rigid, these types do not appeal to them that much.

Know your cat, know their toy:

It is best that one also familiarize themselves with your cat. Doing so helps in ones selection of the kind of plaything that best serves the size of ones cat – the kind of activity the cat likes and its unique preferences. Know the environment in which the cat likes to spend its time the most.

Choose active toys:

Toys that are great to play with for cats are usually the round plastic ones (such as rings from shower curtains, plastic balls, golf balls, balls used in ping-pong) as these give cats the opportunity to chase and paw around. They could also carry these in their mouths, make sure though that these are big enough they cannot be swallowed but not so large that they cannot carry them in their mouths.

Choose active play:

Balls can be placed inside bath tubs filled with water. Watch as cats frolic and play on and around the toy. It is just as enjoyable to the cat as it is fun for the cat owner. Another added feature that could be placed on balls are bells. One not only sees how cats play, one could also listen and take pleasure in the playful sound
Another simple yet effective plaything for cats is a paper bag. Use paper bags that do not have handles. These bags are good for pouncing around. Cats hide in them too. As much as possible, avoid the plastic ones as cats have the tendency to chew these and they may eat the plastic. This is not good.

Toys with tails:

Cats like playing with soft toy animals – specially the ones that have tails. They either bite them, paw them or chase these little stuffed toys around. It is best if these toys are as big or as small as the cats playing them.

Toys with catnip:

Catnip is sometimes used as stuffing for toys that are soft. Putting catnip in such playthings make the toys more enjoyable to carry, kick and throw around. More importantly, it is safe for cats to chew on, roll around in, or eat.
It is okay for owners to place catnip on carpeted floors, or (to make clean-up easy) on towels. There are now catnip oils that can be placed on carpets, and they usually stay there. Cats detect these too. Although small cats, specifically kittens who are younger than six months have shown a certain kind of immunity to catnip.

All in all, it is best that cat owners define what kind of toy should be played by their cats. It is advisable that different kinds of toys be given on certain days, and that displaying all toys simultaneously may not be a good idea. Cats can easily tire of seeing the same fluffy toy animal again and again. Variety always works best. However if cats show a certain liking to a specific toy, let them play with it, or sleep with it – whichever they like. In closing, it will benefit you to seek out other resources on this topic if you feel that you don’t yet have a firm understanding of the subject matter.


How To Stop Your Cat Scratching – Get Rid Of Those Fleas

You know how annoying it can be when you have an itch, but you can’t reach it to give it a scratch? Well, when your cat has fleas it’s like your problem, just multiplied a hundred times.

If your cat has fleas or ticks, you need to take action. If they are scratching or have irritated skin, your cats need you to bring this problem under control because it can become a much larger problem if you do not.

Even clean cats can end up with fleas. All it takes is a stray animal to come close enough to the cat. Or, the cat can pick them up outdoors as well. Even just one flea can leave many eggs and cause a full scale attack on your pet.

To stop them before they start, you can use a product such as Frontline or Advantix. These are pre measured liquid treatments that are applied directly to the cat’s skin and coat. When fleas get onto the pet, these products kill them before they can lay eggs. Those who want preventative measures for keeping the cat safe should use these.

For most though, it takes seeing the fleas to get them to start fighting them. If you see tiny black or brown insects on your animal, these are no doubt that your cat is flea infested. If you do see them, realize that the problem is already a big problem.

What you need to do is make sure to check your pet for fleas all the time. You can do this with a flea comb. Carefully comb through the cat’s hair and pay attention to the hair around the cat’s head and his belly. These are the ideal places for fleas to hide including the ears, eyes and the nose. And, they like to burrow in the creases where the cat’s legs and body meet.

When combing your pet, if you find a flea you know they are throughout his body. But, if you end up with a few black or brown specks, this too is a sign that they are hiding somewhere on the pet’s body.

To find them, run your hands over the cat’s body. Look for raised spots on him. If you find one or more, check it closely to see if it has little legs. If so the cat has ticks. You’ll need to ask your vet about having the tick removed as you can not do this yourself without risking the tick’s head staying behind in your pet’s skin.

In order to get them under control, you’ll need to use one of the liquid flea and tick treatments. You can also use flea or tick collars and baths as well. If the fleas are in your house, as they probably are, then you will need to use a powder or spray for the bedding and upholstered furniture too. As a last resort, you can use a flea and tick bomb in your home. But, in this case, the animals will need to stay out of your home for at least 24 hours.

Fleas are a serious concern and you need to keep them from affecting your pet. If your pet has them, also talk to your vet about treatments he can provide as these are professional strengths that can help. Before they make your pet sick, take measures at the first sign of trouble.


Invest In Some Cat Furniture

If you are one of the lucky people in the world to own one or many cats as pets, then congratulations because you have chosen one of the best pets you can own. If you have made the commitment to owning cats, then don’t you want to be the best cat owner that you can be? Of course you do. Just like parents who go all out buying everything they could possibly need for their new babies, so you should make sure that you have all of the cat furniture and supplies you need for welcoming your new cat and for giving it a great life.

If owning cat furniture seems a bit excessive to you, then perhaps you are not cut out to own a cat. In fact, I’d suggest that true cat lovers know that owning some simple cat furniture can make all the difference in their experience with their furry friends. So consider carefully whether you are ready and willing to be the kind of cat owner that you should be.

If you are ready to really be a cat owner and to purchase some great cat furniture, then let the adventure begin. There is a wide variety of cat furniture, so you’ll have to do a little research and see what is best for you and your cat. Do this by talking with other cat owners first. Make a visit to friends that own cats and see what kinds of cat furniture they are using. Get their advice about furniture that is good and about furniture that you could do without.

You should also stop into a pet supply store or two when you are trying to determine what cat furniture is right for your home and your cat. Talking to people that are experts and cats and cat life is a great way to learn all you can. People at supply stores will be able to show you different kinds of cat furniture and will be able to help you compare and contrast them right in the store. You do not want to purchase cat furniture and then wind up regretting it once you get it home.

Great cat furniture can be purchased new or used at a variety of great places. You can even look in the newspaper to see if any cat lovers are trying to sell some cat furniture. Just keep your eyes open and you should have no problems finding cat furniture that fits into your budget.


How to Provide First Aid For Your Horse

If your horse is in the field, and it suffers a severe cut, you will want to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. You will need to make a call to your vet, and there are steps you also need to take in order to provide first aid to your horse as soon as possible. You will want to stabilize the horse prior to the arrival of the vet.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a first aid kit available for the horse in advance. The first aid kit should have all the important constituents necessary for emergencies and small cuts. You always want to make sure that you have first aid readily available. You will want to make sure you have all the important tools you need, and you will want to know how to use them.

A commercially available first aid kit for horses will cost between $39 and $80. You will want to make sure the kit has a thermometer so that you can check the temperature of the horse. All horses should have a standard temperature of 99 to 115 degrees. The first aid kit should also come with a stethoscope so that you can monitor the heart rate of the horse. You can listen clearly to the heartbeat just under the elbow on the left side of the horse.

All first aid kits should have a flashlight, in case you have an emergency in the dark. You will also want to have electrolytes in case the horse becomes dehydrated. Warming up water and adding a small teaspoon of electrolytes can encourage water consumption by your horse. The first aid kit should also have neosporin, iodine, and hydrogen peroxide. Avoid using the hydrogen peroxide on wounds as it will destroy benign tissue.

You will also want to have wire cutters handy in the event the horse gets stuck in a gate or wire. You will also want to use a twitch which can calm your horse and keep him controlled in situations where it will be in great pain. You will also want to make sure you have a knife cutting bandages and other materials. You will want to make sure you don’t injure your horse when handling the knife.

You will want to use the iodine solution to clean out any thick wounds. Any wounds which will be treated by a veterinarian within a hours of the injury should not have medications applied, and should only be flushed with iodine or clean water to prevent them from drying.

Pet Housetraining

Pet housetraining can be done very effectively if you use the natural instincts of your puppy. Let me explain what I mean by this. A puppy will naturally not want to eliminate where he knows he will be sleeping. If he has a place that is all his own, he will recognize that and not want to dirty it in any way. Your job in pet housetraining is to help your puppy establish that space.

You can do this in a few ways. One is to pick an area of your home that is to be for your puppy. This can be the garage, a laundry room or a corner of a big room. Choose somewhere that does not have carpeting, because your puppy will initially eliminate everywhere. This is because he has not yet realized that it is his space. You help him realize this by playing with him there. Put food and water and his bed there.

When pet housetraining, you can use a blanket, bed or even a towel as his bed. In addition, make sure you put his toys there. Your puppy will soon realize that this is his personal space and his natural instinct of not wanting to dirty it will take over. While you are doing this, and you are at home, take your puppy outside about every 45 minutes, especially after eating, drinking or playing.

Steps of Pet Housetraining

Above all, make sure your puppy has constant access to his toilet area as he is learning. If you have designed that outside is the only area he can eliminate, take him there about every 30 minutes. After he eliminates, pour on the praise. He will get the idea. When he eliminates where he is not supposed to, you may yell a quick, “No!” Then, immediately pick him up and carry him to where he is allowed to eliminate.

How to Exercise Your Pet Hamster Safely: A Creative Way to Keep Hamsters Healthy and Happy

Hamsters can squeeze into a very small space, as any owner who has lost a hamster can testify. They are like most small rodents in that if they can get their head through a gap, then they can flatten their rib cage and their body then follows suit.

Allow Your Hamster Some Exercise

Hamsters can be allowed to run on the floor with some precautions – keeping an area blocked off and making sure that there are no gaps that they can escape through. It is also essential to keep a watchful eye on them.

For very low cost, however, it is possible to build a hamster play box to allow your pet to exercise freely and safely.

Toys for Your Pet Hamster can be Cheaply Found

You will need a large cardboard box, which is tall enough that the hamster cannot reach the sides and scramble out. It needs to be secure with no gaps or holes that the hamster can squeeze through.

Once you have your box, then you can add some toys. If budget allows, you might like to add a side wheel for your hamster to run on, or you can add some natural hamster hide-away toys. You can also build your own.


Ideas for Hamster Toys

Take a small child’s shoe box and cut holes in the side. You might like to cut the holes big enough to fit cardboard tubes in to make a tunnel entrance and exit. Place cardboard tubes around the box to allow the hamsters to run in and out. Use different sizes of boxes to add interest and variety. Hide small treats for your hamster to sniff out and find.

Keep an eye out for ideas that you can adapt to add to your hamster play box. Do not use any harmful materials such as newspaper as the print can be poisonous, although printed cardboard is fine. Use natural materials such as wood, hay, paper and card and choose healthy treats for your hamster. Remember to remove any fresh treats at the end of each day, so that they do not go off.

Hamsters are curious little creatures and enjoy having somewhere new to explore. You can change the layout of the play box every few weeks so that he can always enjoy having somewhere new to explore. It will keep your pet interested and alert and it is especially good fun to watch a pair of dwarf hamsters explore their play box together

Pet Grooming


Pet grooming is not just a job, it can be a whole lifestyle if you so choose. There is a large community of resources and events that cater to animals and pet owners, providing you with not just a client base, but also a place to socialize and make connections. No matter where you live, there are likely to be pet-friendly events to attend.

If you are not sure where to look to find this information out, make sure to check these sources out. Your local SPCA or animal shelter will be a number one source for animal-friendly events and fundraisers. Also, making connections with local veterinarian offices can be a boon to your contacts and your pet grooming business.


Pet Grooming Competitions

Pet grooming competitions can be a great way to introduce you to the community and get involved. Networking is fairly common at these events, so don’t be afraid to get out there and mix it up. You can meet fellow groomers and get great tips and advice, as well as showing off your work to prospective clients. If you intend to be at an event where you will be looking for new clients, don’t forget to bring business cards with your name and number on them.

If there are no grooming competitions or dog shows in your area, you may want to start one. Talk to other groomers and see if they would be interested in working on developing or participating in such an event. Look for sponsors, such as local pet stores to help offer prizes or donations. They will probably be willing to help out in return for the ability to advertise at the event.

Evaluating Your Local Pet Store

Your local pet shop can be of great help to a beginner in the hobby or it can be a great setback depending on how the store is run! As with everything, there are good and bad stores, and I’m going to try to give you the information in the following article so you can determine this by yourself.


First and foremost I have found in my 40 years in the hobby, that its not always the cleanest store that is the best. You cannot judge a store on that alone. My thoughts on a good store is that when you walk in, there are no dead animals lying around, the fish are all up and swimming plus no dead fish in tanks. The birds should all look active and there should be no birds that are sick or lacking feathers in the cages.

The sales staff should allow you about 5 minutes to look around the store and then ask if you need any help or if you have any questions on anything. There should be nobody trying to pressure you into buying anything! This last one is a very important thought. High-pressure sales people have a tendency to force you to buy fish that are diseased or do not take the time to ask you what you have in your tank at home. They will also make false statements about equipment requirement and compatibility of fish. Many new comers to the hobby tend to fall for this tactic! Beware!

Buying incompatible fish or diseased fish can wipe out your entire fish population in your tank. Many stores do not have a guarantee on livestock so you lose your investment.

Dirty tanks are always a clue in saying “watch out” if you buy fish from these tanks. This may be a clue to lack of cleaning or medicine has been used or a chemical imbalance or poor filtration. Take the time to observe the behavior of the fish and the condition of the tank. Your first indication should be listless fish or bizarre behavior.

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t buy something unless you need it. Yes, at one time I was a sales person that did the above, not good! I’m also a firm believer to visit a local family-owned pet shop because 95% of the time you will find more experienced staff and people that are truly trying to help you. In the big super stores, it is really rare that you will find staff that are actually trained in all fields. I’ve gone to some of these super stores to buy a certain fish and have had their staff try to sell me a male when I wanted a female (and knew the difference). If you say, “that’s a male”, they actually fight with you and try to make you out as the fool. The super store mostly will never order something in for you, where as the small local pet shop will be most happy to bring in anything on a special order. Mostly I have found that by visiting hundreds of pet stores, the little guy is the one that will go out of his way to help you. If you go to a super store, your choice of what you want is very limited to what they have in stock at the time.

Pet Grooming Courses

As you begin in your pet grooming courses, you will most likely learn how to groom only dogs. Most groomers only work on dogs and there will probably be plenty of business from dog owners alone. But for those of you who want to set your business apart, there are some relatively easy ways.

One is to learn how to groom special breeds of dog. To have a distinctive business, knowing how to groom at least thirty types of dogs is a good standard to set for yourself. When choosing pet grooming courses, look for one that will offer you training on about this many. Even though you may rarely come in contact with certain breeds, it adds to your reputation if you have those skills in your grooming repertoire.


Expanding Your Business with Pet Grooming Courses

Taking supplemental pet grooming courses is a good way to quickly and easily expand your clientele. Many dog owners also own at least one cat. By learning how to groom cats as well as dogs, you can cater to these clients and increase your pay. You may also find that clients who previously only brought in their dogs will start bringing in the family cat as well.

There are lots of ways to take additional courses. For those who have already completed a dog grooming training course, distance learning is often the best, most convenient option. Just as with choosing your first training, researching the various options will be your key to picking the right option for you and your business.